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Gate Motors Midrand, your local gate automation and security specialist. Call 083-859-9580 for help with sales, service or support. With Gate Motors Midrand you get after-sales support. Fast response times and same day service. Plus the lowest prices on Gate Openers in Midrand. Our qualified and experienced staff, know what they are doing. They will help you to make the right decision when choosing a swing or sliding gate motor.

All of our installations and Gate Motor Repairs in Midrand are guaranteed because of our staff’s experience and training. The service technicians at McPintos Gate Motors Midrand can fix gate motors on-site. You don’t have to schedule an appointment to have any gate motor serviced. The services we offer include Garage Doors, Automation, Garage Door Spring Replacements, Roller Shutter Doors, Garage Door Motors, Repairs, and Maintenance.

Keep Your Security Updated Because Even Criminals Become More Advanced

When it comes to beefing up your security at your home, or access control at the office. It’s important to use a reliable, and professional company like Midrand Gate Motors. Our goal for gate motors is to get them fixed the same day because we realize the front gate is the first line of defense for your property. We’ve been in business for more than a decade. We’re well-known for our fast, friendly and professional service. Call 083-859-9580 and speak to a representative about Automating Driveway Gates in Midrand!

gate Motors Midrand

Centurion Gate Motors in Midrand

Centurion Gate Motors Midrand – Whether you’re in the market for a Centurion Swing Gate Motor in Midrand. Or Centurion Sliding Gate Motor in the Midrand, we can help! Our Centurion sliding range includes the Centurion D5 Evo, Centurion D5 Smart as well as the Centurion D10 Sliding Gate Motors in Midrand. The Centurion swing range includes the Centurion Vantage Swing Gate Motor in Midrand. We provide Centurion Gate Motor Installations in Midrand, Centurion Gate Motor Repairs in Midrand and Centurion Gate Motor Maintenance in Midrand.


Gemini Gate Motors in Midrand

Gemini Gate Motors Midrand – Whether you’re in the market for a Gemini Swing Gate Motor in Midrand. Or Gemini Sliding Gate Motor in Midrand area we can help! Our Gemini Sliding range includes the Gemini DC Slider 7 Ah. Gemini 24V DC Slider as well as the Gemini DC Slider 12 Ah Sliding Gate Motor. Our Gemini Swing range includes. Gemini DC Swing Gate Motor. We also provide Gemini Gate Motor Installations in Midrand, Gemini Gate Motor Repairs in Kyalami and Gemini Gate Motor Maintenance in Midrand.


ET Nice Gate Motors in Midrand

ET Gate Motors Midrand – Whether you’re in the market for a ET Swing Gate Motors in Midrand. Or ET Sliding Gate Motors in Midrand area we can help! Our ET Sliding range includes the old HANSA Speedo. ET Drive 300. Drive 500. Drive 600 and the ET Drive 1000 Sliding Gate Motors in Midrand. Our ET Swing range which includes. ET Toona Hi-Speed Swing Gate Motor. As well as the ET Wingo Hi-Speed Swing Gate Motor in Midrand. We also provide ET Gate Motor Installations in Midrand, ET Gate Motor Repairs in Midrand and ET Gate Motor Maintenance in Midrand.


DACE Gate Motors in Midrand

DACE Gate Motors in Midrand support local, support South Africa’s home made home automation products – If you’re in the market for a DACE Swing Gate Motor in Midrand. Or you need a DACE sliding gate motor in Midrand, we can help! Among our DACE Sliding Motors is the Compact 500. More specifically the DACE Sprint 500 and DACE Condo Sliding Gate Motors. The DACE Dura Swing Gate Motor is part of our swing gate motor range. We also provide provide DACE Gate Motor Installations in Midrand, DACE Gate Motor Repairs in Midrand and DACE Gate Motor Maintenance in Midrand.

Sliding Gate Motor Repairs Midrand

Sliding Gate Motor Repairs Midrand and installations for sliding gates are allot cheaper than swing gates since you are only dealing with one gate motor.They are also very easy to maintain and tend to break less frequently than their sister the swing gate motor. Sliding gate motors in Midrand tend to stop operating or they bump hard into the stoper. Other common problems with sliding gates is the wheels and the PC board. It’s important to install gate motors correctly so that they’ll last the longest amount of time if they’re not running smoothly.

Common Sliding Gate Motor Problems In Midrand

  • Motor beeps but does not move.
  • Gate makes a squeaking sound.
  • The gate motor running slowly.
  • If the gate is closed, it can be lifted.
  • The gate wheels and rollers stopped moving.
  • Gate motor runs bumps into stoppers
  • The gate was very heavy.
  • Having difficulty moving the gate.

Swing Gate Motor Repairs Midrand

Swing Gate Motor Repairs  and installations are usually quite costly since you are working with two gates. Even if you only have one swing gate, your controller is designed for the operation of two gates. Therefore, the cost to operate two motors is always high. The most common reasons for swing gate repair is a sagging gate or hinges that are loose, or the mounting points pulling away from the wall, which results in a gate that does not open or close properly. Make sure that your swing gates are installed correctly in order to ensure that the motors last as long as possible. If the swing gates are not running smoothly, they can cause major damage to the motor.

Common Swing Gate Motor Problems In Midrand

  • Hits an open or closed point.
  • The motor is not moving.
  • The gate seems to be stuck.
  • Slowly running.
  • Just one gate moves.
  • They do not disengage.
  • Refuses to set a limit.
  • The gate isn’t aligned properly.
DACE Sprint

DACE Sprint 500

DACE Condo



Centurion D5 Evo


Centurion D5 Smart


Centurion D10


Centurion D10 Smart

ET Nice 300

ET Drive 300

ET 500

ET Drive 500

ET 1000

ET Drive 1000


Hansa Speedo


Gemini AC/DC

Gate Motor Installations

Gate Motor Installations Midrand

Gate Motor Installations Midrand: We install a variety of automatic gate openers for both sliding gates and swing gates. We also offer other security installations like intercoms. Security gates. Fencing, access control systems, entry systems, gate locks, automatic gates. Iron gates, security gates, and keypad systems. Our qualified installers and professional, with years of experience working within the industry. As like with anything in life there are considerations you need to take into account.


Gate Motor Repairs Midrand

Gate Motor Repairs Midrand is what we do best. If you’re swing gate motor or sliding gate motor don’t work, give us a call. Common Gate Motor Repair problems include your gate motor malfunction most of the time? Do you change your gate from automatic to manual, most of the time? Does your gate motor always stop halfway or open slowly? Or is your gate motor not work at all? Whatever the reason, we offer a wide range of Gate Motor Repairs in Midrand.


Gate Motor Maintenance Midrand

Gate Motor Maintenance Midrand will end up saving you money and can extend the lifespan of your gate motor. Regular Gate Motor Maintenance in Midrand will also find problems. Before they get a chance of becoming an expensive problem. Think about this, a residential gate motor can open and close 6 times a day. While some commercial gate motors can open and close up to 200 hundred times a day. That’s roughly 2190 times a year for residential gate motors. Triple that for commercial motors.

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